Coffee at the Kenya Exchange

The price of Green Coffee generally gravitates around the regulated futures exchanges which, for both Arabica and Robusta, used to operate with real-live humans in New York and London respectively but now exist virtually!

Arabica prices are quoted in US cents/lb and the standard contract refers to 37500 lbs of exchange certified arabica coffee (or 283.5 bags of 60 kg).
Robusta prices are quoted in USD/metric ton and the standard contract refers to 10000 kgs of exchange certified robusta coffee (or 166.67 bags of 60 kg).

Market Participants

Many thousands of market participants, some of whom are actually involved with the physical…

Guatemala patios panoramic view

The 2021 harvest season in Guatemala came to a close earlier this year with some hurricane-induced delays, but also with exciting improvements in yield and cup quality. We received an update from our sister company, Volcafe Guatemala, about what they’ve been experiencing on the ground recently.

Guatemala Green Coffee Harvest 2021

Last year, Guatemala was hit by two hurricanes at the beginning of the harvest season in November, displacing people across 21 municipalities in key coffee departments like Alta Verapaz and Huehuetenango. Eta and Iota destroyed around 945 Ha of land in an estimate by ANACAFE. …

From a peak of over 30,000 new COVID-19 cases daily in Colombia last month, the country is now seeing closer to 7000 daily reported cases. ICU occupancy rates have also fallen from their critical peaks. The National Government as well as local ones have announced a lift on most restrictions to reactivate the economy.

With regards to the protests and street violence that ripped through Colombia in May and June: in the last 30 days there have been isolated cases in the South part of Bogotá and Cali. However, terrorist threats are a growing concern. A well planned murder attempt…

Brazil coffee fields after the frost in July

In late July a severe frost hit the coffee growing regions of South de Minas and Parana. Yet another cold front hit the following week. These events caused extreme gyrations in the C-Market — the coffee futures market. The market roared up past 200 cts/lb, but has since dropped back down to 174.60 ct/lb (as of the writing of this post). These fluctuations are affecting all market participants: producers; roasters; green importers and speculators. Ultimately, these price changes will impact coffee drinkers.

With the market swinging and prices changing quickly, Coffee Roasters need answers and guidance. We asked Mauricio Jimenez…

On Tuesday, July 20th a severe frost hit Brazil, primarily in the growing regions of Sul de Minas and Parana. Whereas Parana is a small producer, Sul de Minas is a major coffee-growing region.

The first frost - which hit the same regions - struck in late June; it was significant but only caused minor damage. The C-market price increased roughly 8 cents in two days with a subsequent sell off when it was discovered that the scope was limited to a few hundred thousand bags. The frost that struck on July 20th was severe in scope.

After the second…

Harvest in Brazil is on and we’ve received a comprehensive update from our sister co, Volcafe Brazil.

•• Fruit Maturation
The overall fruit maturation has been slow this season which stems back to late 2020. At that time, the blossom in October had a poor fixation due to adverse weather (limited follow up rains) followed by below average rains in March and April which reduced the cherry filling potential. Those two weather episodes resulted in a delayed harvest, in what is already considered an off-cycle crop. …

Narino coffee farms vista

On April 28, protests broke out in Colombia in response to the introduction of a new tax reform that critics said would disproportionately increase financial burdens for the country’s middle and working classes. Although President Iván Duque withdrew the tax bill four days later, the protests have escalated into a movement over larger issues surrounding inequality and police violence.

Genuine Origin is in close contact with suppliers and sourcing partners in Colombia for weekly updates on the current situation. …

Caffeine plays a crucial role in coffee. The chemical compound delivers stimulating energy to coffee drinkers and, for the coffee plant itself, it acts as a natural pest repellent. That’s why Robusta coffee plants are heartier and can thrive at lower altitudes. They are naturally more pest-resistant than Arabica plants — i.e., they contain more caffeine.

Coffee is naturally caffeinated, but for people who are sensitive, a dose of 50 to 100 milligrams of caffeine in your average cup of coffee is way too much. (That’s for a single or double espresso-based drink. It can go up to 160 milligrams…

Few coffee-producing countries go the extra mile to protect their agricultural workforce like Costa Rica does. After a violent civil war in 1948, the newly-formed Constitutional Assembly abolished the military. This move reallocated Costa Rica’s budget to medical care and education, propelling the country into a period of peace and growth to this day.

“Costa Rica had a solidified universal health system since the 1940s and a big budget dedicated to education. …

Revenue increases, staffing stability, and forecasted growth in the coffee roasting business signal strong resilience despite a plunge in consumer spending during the pandemic.

In March 2021 Genuine Origin conducted a Coffee Roasting Business Confidence Survey to assess the effects of COVID-19 on coffee roasters. The study recorded pre- and mid-pandemic revenue and staffing impact, as well as thoughts on the overall coffee roasting landscape, to gauge the confidence of roasters moving forward. …

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